When renovating your home, creating a cohesive look between your kitchen and bathroom is essential. Having a well-matched colour scheme and design will not only add value to your home but also create a sense of uniformity and sophistication. The right kitchen and bathroom fixtures and tiles can work together to achieve this.


Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

The fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, such as taps and sinks, are often the focal point of the space. Choosing matching fixtures for both rooms can be a great starting point for creating a cohesive look. For example, if you choose a brushed nickel finish for your kitchen sink and tap, you can also choose a brushed nickel finish for your bathroom taps and basin. This will give your home a consistent style that flows from room to room.

When choosing fixtures, consider the functionality and aesthetic of each room. For example, you may want a larger, double kitchen sink, but a smaller, more stylish bathroom basin. Be sure to choose fixtures that fit the requirements of each space while maintaining a cohesive look.


Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

The right tiles can also contribute to a cohesive look between your kitchen and bathroom. Tiles are available in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes, allowing you to create a look that flows throughout your home. For example, if you have light grey kitchen tiles, you may want to consider using a similar shade for your bathroom tiles to give a sense of continuity.

When choosing tiles, it is important to consider the size of each space. Larger tiles can make a small room appear bigger, while smaller tiles can add texture and detail. Mixing and matching tile sizes can create a unique design, but be sure to choose tiles that complement each other in colour and texture.

A great way to tie your kitchen and bathroom tiles together is to use a similar material or pattern. For example, a white subway tile in your kitchen can be paired with a white subway tile in your bathroom for a classic and timeless look.


Choosing a Colour Scheme

When creating a cohesive look, choosing a consistent colour scheme for your kitchen and bathroom is key. Start by selecting a neutral base colour, such as white or beige, and build from there. Use accents of colour to create interest and depth, but be sure to keep it consistent throughout both rooms. For example, if you have a blue and white patterned tile in your kitchen, consider using a similar blue and white patterned tile in your bathroom.

When choosing colours, also consider the lighting in each space. Natural light can make colours appear different in each room, so be sure to test your chosen colours in both your kitchen and bathroom before making your final decision.


Final Thoughts

Creating a cohesive look in your home can be achieved by choosing matching fixtures and tiles for your kitchen and bathroom. By selecting a consistent colour scheme and design, your home will have a seamless flow and a sense of sophistication. Visit Bella Bathrooms for all your kitchen and bathroom needs, including fixtures, tiles and more.