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Style Guide: Coastal Chic Bathrooms (In progress)

Coastal Chic Bathrooms:

Our Quick Style Guide

Whether you live near the sea or not, a coastal chic bathroom can bring the joy of a sea breeze right into your home. If you’re starting to think about what your bathroom should look like in your dream home, this is one that should be high up on the list of considerations. But what is a coastal chic bathroom exactly? Our guide below will tell you everything you need to know, including a few key decor ideas, along with a checklist to help get the process started. You’ll be taking a hot bath in your beautiful bathroom in no time at all.

What is a Coastal Chic Bathroom?

Coastal chic bathrooms are defined by being bright and beachy. The style encourages incorporating a lot of natural influences alongside a casual atmosphere. A modern style that has started to get more popular in recent years, this type of bathroom should feel warm and inviting once it has been furnished. Minimalism is an important component of these types of bathrooms, alongside clean lines and coastal colour palettes, ideally in a way that pays homage to the ocean alongside a nostalgic sense of putting your feet in the sand.

Creative Decor Ideas

Now that you know about the colours to consider, it might help to explore a few decor ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Coastal chic bathrooms often explore white and blue shower tiles, alongside wall art of the same palette. Circular windows and mirrors are common in these types of bathrooms too. Pebbled floors give a truly casual feel, often with the intention of giving the space an outdoors feel. You can’t go wrong with any additions that encapsulate the feeling of the palm beaches of Rio de Janeiro, or even just the local atmosphere of Cape Town’s luscious and incredible string of sandy shores. .


Extra Advice for a Smooth Journey

Whenever you’re thinking about designing a new space, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to go about the process alone. Whether it’s your first or tenth time doing it, the Bella Bathrooms team can help make creating your dream space a reality. We’re happy to offer advice for when you’re designing a coastal chic bathroom or any other bathroom type, having assisted thousands of clients with doing so over the years. If you’re exploring different tile options or various bathroom fittings, reach out to us today, and we can help make it a reality. . 


Coastal Chic Bathroom
Round Freestanding Bath Mixer with Hand Spray - Champagne
Champagne Round Single Towel Rail 600mm
2 in 1 Shower Rail Shower Column With 200mm Shower Head Brushed Champagne
Shower Screen Andes 1200x2000 Fixed/Freestanding
Zala Freestanding Bath Polished White 1440x750x570mm

Coastal Chic

A Wet Area Checklist for Finishing Touches

  • If you aren’t going the pebbled floors route, choose tiles that have a more rustic feel, rather than something more clinical like a bright white.
  • Take care not to over accessorise the space. While tiki torches and Hawaiian leis can be added tastefully to enhance the atmosphere, too much of one thing can make the space feel cluttered and kitsch.
  • Before you buy anything, make sure that it fits into the coastal colour scheme, and can withstand highly moist conditions.
  • Greenery can bring life into the space. Less is more for this bathroom style, so be considerate when you’re curating the plants you want to introduce into the space.

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