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Style Guide: Urban Industrial Bathrooms

Urban Industrial Bathrooms

Beauty is in the raw

That’s the best way we can describe urban-industrial style bathrooms, which are growing in popularity every single year. These bathrooms combine modern elements with precise finishes in a way that many of the other styles can quite live up to. If you’re moving into a new home and want to adopt this style for the bathroom, look no further than our handy guide that will tell you everything you need to know. You’ll be enjoying your brand new bathroom space (and wowing visitors to your home) before you know it


Urban Industrial Bathrooms
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Urban Industrial checklist


  • Charcoal is the industrial colour of choice so lay large format dark floor tiles
  • Team with brass or matt black fittings, old industrial light switches, lamps, and towel rails
  • Timber cabinets inject warmth


  • Use dark, large format tiles or timber look planks with minimal detail


  • Select stainless steel or cement look splashbacks
  • Use metallic light fixtures
  • Go for white tiles with a contrasting grout


  • vLeather couches look great with this look!

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The Origins of Urban-Industrial Design;

The urban-industrial style has origins dating back to the 80’s and 90’s, where artists and musicians were renowned for moving into warehouse lofts and refurbished factories. This has led to films and television showcasing these kinds of living spaces more prominently in the last two decades, creating certain stereotypes about creative people, but also showing members of the general public what these kinds of spaces can look like. More and more people are after this unique bathroom design style now as a result. Nowadays, it is predominantly inspired by New York style lofts combining metal and glass across all the elements in the room.


Prominent Features: Urban-Industrial Style Bathrooms

These types of bathrooms are meant to be simple spaces where raw materials and “tough” looking fixtures are the most striking elements in the room. Common features include exposed raw materials like brick, steel or concrete. Typically, these would only be found in warehouses and other industrial spaces. Bringing them into the home does create a gruff exterior for the space, which can be delicately presented based on choosing the right accessories. Glass and steel showers along with unconventional basin sinks are staples for this specific design style.

An urban-insdustrial style bathroom with everything you need

Benefits and Ongoing Popularity

The primary benefit of going with an urban-industrial style for a restroom space is its overall durability and longevity. These bathrooms are renowned for a focus on tough, strong materials that are not going to be subjected to wear and tear in the same way objects from other design styles may. This makes it a popular choice, especially from a financial perspective. Another consideration in terms of popularity is that it allows people to combine light and dark fittings and fixtures in contrast to each other. This creates a distraction-free space that can be gloated about for years and years to come too.

Creating the Best Possible Bathroom Space

Urban-industrial style bathrooms are slightly more complicated to pull off on your own in comparison to most of the other styles. For this reason, the Bella Bathrooms team has worked long and hard to present you with a category page that will point you in the right direction for the types of products to consider. While we have all the faith in the world around you pulling it off, it’s never a bad idea to get some help along the way, even if just for moral support or a second opinion. We look forward to helping you design the best possible urban-industrial style bathroom imaginable soon.