Mixing tiles? Great idea! The key to doing so in your bathroom or kitchen space is to get the right combinations going. If you’ve never done this before, it might be useful to get a bit of advice about a few of the things you should consider first. The last thing you want is to have your creativity run wild, only to find that you’ve designed a space that doesn’t quite match up to the expectations of everybody else living in the home. Find out how to make mixed tiles look good no matter which colour combinations you’re working with right here.


Should All House Tiles Match?

The big question of whether all house tiles should match is one that gets a lot of traction on search engines these days. Although there is no “one size fits all” answer to go with here, the general rule is that you’re going to want to try and work with a cohesive palette across all the rooms that have tiles in them. Even if you have wood flooring in some spaces, it’s possible to choose the right colours in order to make everything fit together a little better. Start with getting the specific palette down, and work your way into new ideas for every space from there. 


Consistency Leads To Harmony

Whether you’re working with large, medium or tiny tiles, when you start to mix and match between different types, your end goal should be to create a consistently designed space across the board. This leads to familiarity and harmony in the house, both of which are essential to turning it into a home. Play around with different colour combinations, but always make sure that the shapes stay consistent, as otherwise you might end up with a disconnected pattern, or worse, headaches around getting everything fitted neatly into the space you’re working on. 


Avoid Clashing Wherever Possible

When you’re choosing different tile colours, it’s important to do what you can to avoid obvious clashes as you go. Always try to offset patterns with plain tiles, in order to create a less jarring visual on larger installations. The same goes for vivid, bright colours. These should be toned down depending on the room you’re in, and especially if you’re hoping for a more serene environment. Mix and match your finishes by testing a couple of combinations first, asking for a second opinion from a loved one, or better yet, from an expert too.


Tiles, Tiles and More Tiles

When you want to ensure a good looking tile design everytime, try the Bella Bathrooms range. We’ve got a wide variety of choices that will have you playing with different options in a way that doesn’t hinder your freedom or creativity. We can also help with offering design advice, as well as showcasing some of the mixed tile patterns that have worked for other clients previously. The result is a perfect looking space (and smiles from everybody in the house), every single time.