When you’re buying bathroom accessories online, it should happen as seamlessly as possible, no matter what you’re looking for. A hassle-free experience also includes having total peace of mind that you’re getting your hands on high quality products at an affordable price relative to the rest of the market. Forget about going down the Google rabbit hole and being overwhelmed by the thousands of options out there. Start by exploring the ranges of some of the top suppliers in the country. Here are the best bathroom accessory brands in South Africa, as recommended by the Bella Bathrooms team. 


Different Types of Bathroom Accessories 

Bathroom accessories come in many different types. From heated rails to toilet roll holders, to glass shelves and soap baskets, the list is truly endless. Anything that falls beyond the holistic design of the space will be considered bathroom accessories. Towel rails and grab bars are two of the most popular bathroom accessories on the market. The latter is particularly important for people in the process of building the homes they want to retire in. Start by making a list of everything you need, ticking it off one by one as you find quotes that tickle your fancy. 


Gio Bella

From soap dishes to miscellaneous essentials, Gio Bella offers designer bathroom accessories that will make it easy to round off the space. These all come with a bright chrome finish, adding to its intricate, high-quality design that goes unmatched elsewhere. Gio Bella offers a ten year guarantee against rusting and flaking, making their accessories worth every penny. Explore their new platinum ranges too, as these come with a lifetime guarantee and are made according to modern design trends that are taking the world by storm. You won’t have to look very far to find exactly what you’re looking for here. 


Axor offers a wide range of universal bathroom accessories - designed to be modular and fit any bathroom design and aesthetic. Axor products are unique in that each accessory is a statement into itself - a masterpiece of contemporary design - but can also be viewed together with other parts of the range as part of a harmonious whole. Axor offers a comprehensive selection of accessories for every part of your bathroom - check them out if you're after some incredibly sleek, modern, designs. 


Clear Cube

Clear Cube Distribution is renowned for their incredible bathroom mirrors, many of which are in luxury homes around South Africa today. These guys are well known for their innovative products, each of which is meant to suit the needs of designers, architects and homeowners alike. Also explore some of their other accessories, which tend to be updated regularly and are always well-priced relative to the rest of the market. Supporting independent businesses during the pandemic can make all the difference, and Clear Cube is one that deserves every single buyer it gets thanks to its contribution to the industry. 



Ross May first began RossCo in Johannesburg back in 2001. Two decades on the brand continues to grow and give customers exactly what they’re looking for. This is largely thanks to always keeping their finger on the pulse of new and ongoing consumer trends. The best way to describe their bathroom accessories is by using the word “craftsmanship”. Intricate, delicate and with personal touches aplenty, you can’t go wrong when considering them for your next bathroom basin, or other accessories that will truly make the space feel like it is your own.